simpool whispered: I just want to thank you for giving me something read for a couple of weeks. your plots are so addicting!

Aw bless your heart darling! If I wasn’t on my phone you would get an amazing gif! Your too kind :)

" I gotta get out tonight babe. Let’s go get a drink, we’ve been playing adult for far to long." 

I’ve got a date with house of cards and the boyfriend. Only a couple more days till surgery, its setting in, I can’t wait to finally be able to walk normal again! Work the weekend and then its officially just sim it up for two weeks straight. I hope all is well in everyones univerise, I shall be stalking tonight watch out! 


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New sim. Tattoo Wip. 

"Don’t underestimate the power of the citizens. They have so many great ideas that I think we should take into consideration. It is under my authority that we…" 

Living in the apartment for over a month everyone was settling into the swing of things. Tabby finally started her job at the town hall but Damon still hadn’t showed up. Not like Jason or Tabby were complaining. 

Eating alone. 

Jason on the other hand is being overly unproductive. 

With so much alone time Tabby has found a way to learn how to cook so many delicious recipes. 

"Oh my god, don’t…stop." 

"I’m sorry you’ve been so bored. I wish I could stay with you all day. You look so beautiful."