Hey babe how was your day? Only one more week have you began packing. 

I have. I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I don’t know if I can do this. Move in with you. I just got a call, my dad, his friend just offered me a job. It would be a big opportunity. 

What about me though? What about us? 

That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t know there can be an us. 

Okay we got the apartment all set up. Are you going to go home first? 

Nah, I tried calling them. Elsa said they couldn’t support the decision. Now I suppose they aren’t even coming to graduation. I have no need to see them.

Well I have to do some stuff when we get home. I’ll be around but not really. So if you need anything just talk to D. 

What, why would I talk to D?

Dude she lives there. Not like at the apartment but, I’ve known her all my life pretty much. We went to grade school together. 

I had no idea.

I would have thought that Tabby told you. Either way its okay if she stays with us for a couple weeks but I don’t know if its okay to make it a permanent thing. 

Clarke’s girlfriend Jasmine. 


Final project! He got an A! 

Study, study, study

Main Floor. 

I don’t think I will even play….

But it doesn’t hurt to download just in case…hopefully it doesn’t take a million years!

God everyone in this house is just so damn lame. 

Anonymous whispered: what are some of your favorite blogs? :)


Wahhh, I usually hate this question because all of the people I follow, are followed because they are my favourite, so really I have 252 favourite blogs, but from people I consider friends to blogs I stalk (silently or spammily):

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dlja;fdklj Thank you darling your amazing! XOXO

Money will be in your account on Monday. 
It better. 
This is more than was agreed on, so we should be square for a bit. 

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The first link gives me an error. :(

I’m an idiot and forgot to add “tagged” haha I swear I think I woke up this morning and just cant focus! I even tried calling my mother six different times because I kept hitting the wrong contact.. I’m going with its Wednesday…lordy and now I’m rambling its fix now though! Lol thank you :) 

Last Chance to Vote!

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I’m gonna look! ♥

OMG and now I’m tired and half tempted to just leave it as it is! Lordy you get out of here!